What our CLIENTS say about our Service
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        Here is a list of our clients who have agreed to accept phone calls and or e-mails so that you can check us out and verify our business quality, integrity, and cleaning practices.

"WE CLEAN from the HEART" - (Eph 6:6-8)


Sharon Parker
The cleaning techs are punctual and proficient! Our home sparkles and the same professional cleaning occurs each time they come. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing trustworthy people who do their jobs well.

Virginia Beach , VA
Home Tel#: (757) 495-1873
Cell Tel.#: (757) 450-2490

Scott & Tavia Waterman
We chose Kingdom Cleaning Service over 10 years ago to clean our home every two weeks because of the great job they did when we moved out of our home a year earlier. We are satisfied with the service.

(Great Bridge)
Chesapeake, VA
Home Tel. # (757) 546-7837

Jane Hixon
As a nurse, I know the importance of having a clean environment and I want my home to be especially clean and organized. The Kingdom Cleaning crew certainly keeps my hone the way I want it to be; clean and neat!
As a working nurse, I just don't have the energy to spend scrubbing and cleaning when I get home. Now I have rest time and reading time thanks to Kingdom Cleaning. And I am particular about who comes into my home. You can trust them!

Chesapeake, VA
Home Tel#: 757-407-2098

Keith & Jeanne Willyard
KINGDOM Cleaning Service has been cleaning our home every two weeks for over 6 years now. They are always willing to do anything extra that I ask them to do. It is so nice to have someone I can trust when I need to leave my home while they are cleaning."

Virginia Beach, VA
Home # (757) 479-0232

Terry Rycenga
Outstanding as always...even baseboards are spotless. I appreciate the help with linens since it is very difficult for me being disabled. Thanks! My visitors wonder if you will ever move to Florida so they can hire you, too!

Terry Rycenga
Virginia Beach, VA
* moved to Florida

Charles Coble
I hired KINGDOM Cleaning a second time to clean my home because they did such a great job the first time that I moved a couple of years earlier. They did another great job again by giving me outstanding SERVICE. I am very satisfied with their work.

Charles Coble
Chesapeake, VA
* military transfer out of the area

     We thank our clients who volunteer their time and service to answer your questions and concerns.  We believe they can help you in making the right choice about which professional cleaning company you will choose.


(757) 312-045


"We Clean from the Heart" - Eph (6:6-8)